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Protecting our clients’ rights by

understanding the complexities of the law.



Our team of Eminent Domain & PUC Attorneys have assisted hundreds of landowners throughout Texas in handling the complex issues that arise when utility companies file administrative cases at the Public Utility Commission to route new transmission lines and when condemnors such as TxDOT, utility companies and pipeline companies take private property for new infrastructure.

Protecting our clients’ rights by understanding the complexities of the law and utilizing our extensive network of connections and other resources is what we do best. We face many of the same utilities and condemnors numerous times and understand the factors that motivate these entities to resolve cases on more favorable terms for our clients.   

We offer NO COST evaluations and consultations. If you have issues with either a power line routing case or a condemning authority such as TxDOT, a utility company, or a pipeline company, please give us a call FREE OF CHARGE. We will be happy to speak with you and will always keep your information confidential.

Our Attorneys

J. Tyler Topper, PARTNER


Tyler is a trusted professional whose entire practice revolves around protecting the property rights of Texas landowners. With years of experience, he has honed his skills in representing clients who are facing the daunting prospect of of a case at the Public Utility Commission or a condemnation case filed by TxDOT, an electric utility company or other condemning authority.

His extensive knowledge as one of our Eminent Domain & PUC Attorneys, as well as the unique challenges facing landowners in these type cases make him a go-to choice for anyone seeking a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to protect their interests. With Tyler on your side, you can rest assured that you have a dedicated and passionate advocate fighting for YOU every step of the way.

Chris Stewart, PARTNER


Chris advocates for your interest in your land and your right to just and fair compensation. Chris is a trial lawyer. He handles administrative trials and proceedings at the Public Utility Commission, commissioners’ hearings, and jury trials. 

Chris has managed real estate litigation of all degrees of complexity, including eminent domain, estate litigation, and adverse possession cases. The condemning authority is going to have attorneys and expert witnesses on their side against you. Their goal is to take your land while paying you as little as possible. Chris, alongside you and Tyler, will do his best to prevent that from happening.